Why is CAT doing this project?

Since the beginning of the CAT bus network in 1987, the cities it serves and the surrounding county have changed a great deal. While individual transit routes have been added or changed over the years, the overall design of the network has not been revisited.

Transit networks are like coral reefs: over time, they naturally grow more complex. That complexity can become frustrating for existing riders and discouraging for new riders. At a certain point transit agencies like CAT do a “blank slate” plan, to see what would be possible if the network were re-imagined for the people and places of today.

Redesigning a bus network forces us to make some hard choices. In this project, the community will help us make those choices.


We recently wrapped up Phase Two of Let’s Go! and our team has compiled the public input received for the network concepts. This input will be shared with the CAT Board of Directors this fall so they can determine the direction for the development of the new bus network. Once a decision is made on how the board would like to proceed, a proposed draft of the network will be presented to the public for additional feedback.

Phase One:

Transit Choices

Phase Two:

Network Concepts

Phase Three:

Draft Network



If you would like to schedule a Transit Talk with your organization, please contact us at letsgo@catchacat.org.

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The Let’s Go! Phase 2 survey is now closed. The Phase 3 survey is now expected to be made available early next year after the CAT board decides how they would like to proceed.

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FALL 2019

Draft Network

Public input to be presented to CAT board in October.

Final Plan

Draft Network Plan expected to be published in January.

Public Input

Public input expected to be gathered on Draft Network in January.

Plan Resources

Choices Webinar

(From Wednesday, January 23, 2019)

Network Concepts Webinar

(From Wednesday, April 17, 2019)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LET'S GO?

LET’S GO is a planning process that is exploring changes to the CAT transit system to better meet the changing needs of the area. This project focuses on transit service within Chatham County.

Why is CAT doing the redesign?

The area’s economy and the needs of the community are changing. As a result, CAT is redesigning the transit routes to promote growth and better meet the mobility needs of the community.

The public transit system in Chatham County was designed decades ago when downtown Savannah was the center of our community from every perspective – economically and culturally. Since then, the demographics of our area have changed, the locations of employment centers have changed, and the number of available mobility options has changed. Demands from senior citizens, millennials, individuals with disabilities, and those working to escape poverty continue to grow. More businesses are locating to areas of our region that we do not serve well, if at all. With the emergence of new transportation options such as bike sharing, car sharing, ride sharing and van pools, it is no longer the case that public transit and the personal automobile are the community’s only options to reach their destinations. This has created a new reality for public transit that we will not ignore.

Who will be involved with LET'S GO?

We ensured the involvement of a wide variety of stakeholders. This included CAT customers and employees, business partners, community and neighborhood organizations, advocacy groups, elected officials, business owners, community members, potential future customers, and residents of Chatham County.

Will my bus route change as a result?

Many routes will be improved and some routes will be replaced.  We encourage you to participate in the process so you have a say about if/when a route is changed.

Please contact us to share your thoughts and ideas about the LET’S GO initiative:

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If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, or would like to request materials or a Transit Talk, send us an email at letsgo@catchacat.org.